Sunday, March 13, 2011

The badge which i made!

Here is the badge that i made for 'Sew It Together'. Its for Becky. I enjoyed making it too. Cross stitch is a personal love of mine. The pattern for the scissors and letters in the name was from a book called 'Made In France'. Last year i also learned how to crochet with 3 ply polycotton which is where the idea came from for around the edge of the pin cushion. The name badge will attach onto our lanyards and once the event is over (unpick the clip on the back) and Becky has scissors and pincushion for her mobile sewing time which she should never lose because it has her name on it.

I'm glad that i participated in the name swap. Now i have to make five items for the swap on the day of the convention. I have a few ideas but this week i have to get cracking.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My name badge

My name badge arrived today for Sew It Together - SIT.

I absolutely love it. Lisa from The Red Thread made it for me in a name badge exchange.

I will proudly wear it at the blog craft event later this month.

It arrived wraped in tissue in a white box with red and white gift card attached.

I appreciate all the attention to detail in her work.

Thanks Lisa for your clever crafting.

Fiona x

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So much has happened

Yes so much has happened since i last blogged. I have had a break from blogging but i'm back. I'm attending Sew It Together on 26th March which i am looking forward to. Last month my daughter started pre school which we are both enjoying very much. I even spent two hours at the library this week drinking a capuccino over reading magazines.

Here is a picture of miss C going to pre school i thought that i would share.
Till next time.
Happy crafting and bee-abi!