Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Hushmatic - no more!

This machine i inherited from my mother in law. A few months ago i dusted it off and gave it some oil. I was in need of a machine who could travel to the craft room wherever if may be. So on sunday at the craft room she let out three puffs of smoke, overheated (it was a real stinker in Sydney say high thirties inside) and she is no more. So i am now on the hunt for a new machine. I have been sewing since i was in year seven at school. Pictured below is the machine which I learnt to sew on and also inherited from my mum. She is special but lives in a cabinet.
So i am excited about the prospect of a new modern machine. I am however unsure weather to spend say up to $700- $800 and have fancy stitches etc and the like or just a $300 -$400 model. At some stage in the future i want to learn to quilt too. I will really enjoy shopping for a new machine. If santa doesn't come through there is always my birthday in April.


  1. Hopefully Santa is doing some blog reading!

  2. I heard your little machine caused a bit of excitement on Sunday. I would go a Janome in that price range. To be honest I never use my fancy stitches except for my blanket stitch which is great for applique. Have fun shopping, fingers x santa comes through

  3. Well have to put my 2 cents worth in. I bought a new Bernina last January after my Pfaff of 20yrs packed it in. I LOVE it.