Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More time away!

Chantelle at Cresent Head

Caught munching on the iced vovo's for morning tea at Mount Seaview

We went away for Australia Day weekend to Mount Seaview then moved onto Port Macquarie for a few nights. The weather was hot and humid. Brett had a fall on Monday while we were on an easy bush walk, which required four stitches and visits to the hospital to have it re-dressed every day till we came home. He was carrying Chantelle at the time 14kg and a 5kg camera bag and to save her from falling his right knee took all the impact. Hows this i packed a first aid kit and purified water just in case. We did need it indeed. I'm now doing a first aid course in 2010.
We stayed in our camper trailer and experienced a ripper of a storm Thursday night in Port - 5cm in 45minutes.
Chantelle loves the camper trailer and calls it her cubby house. I unfortunately have not one photo yet of us with the 'trak shak'.
Looking forward to the craft room in the hills tommorrow night and catching up with Cass who is coordinating it.

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  1. Wow! That was an adventure! Storm and stitches! Looks like little miss has fun xox