Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Cake!

Yesturday i baked a birthday cake for our wonderfull friend and good neighbour.
Well there certainly is an art to cake baking especially the birthday kind.
Firstly i overbaked the cake by 10 minutes. Hence a very crisp perimeter.
So i consulted my womans weekly kids cakes book and decided a frog it would become. So i traced a frog shape onto glad bake a traced out the shape with a knife. All good so far till some of the lower edge side came away. Oh well i will fill that in with icing i thought.

Next i don't have green colouring only rose pink. Oh well a rose pink frog it was to become. Then i didn't have enough icing to cover the top and sides (it was a coles packet buttercake mix which came with icing). Oh well i made more icing and managed to colour up the icing a very close match. Then decided while icing that the shape i had cut out worked for a fairy or angel. Our neighbour is a special angel always with a smile to greet us and makes wonderfull things in wood on his scrollsawing machine which he gifts to others. He is a real gem.
So a fairy angel it was to become. My daughter was pleading for a fairy for her and frog for our neighbour.

It all worked out in the end sharing some cake, candles and tea at afternoon tea!
I now realise that it all takes practise to make perfect!

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